LKL Tutorial 02 - Growing a Forest

In this tutorial I show you how to grow a forest with LK Lightning 2.0.

00:00 - Introduction.
01:20 -  Creating and examining the nodes in the basic strand setup.
03:47 - Setting up the emitter options.
05:39 - Adding the branches aka setting Splitter properties.
08:15 - Changing the trunk thickness.
09:13 - Using thickness propagation for thinner and thinner branches. 
09:54 - Using Modulate Size over Length to make the branches thin out at the end.
11:27 - Adding more branches & Split Limits explanation.
16:35 - Examining the tree and adding a direction controller.
18:48 - Using the controller to make the trees sway in the wind.
20:00 - Adding the leaves.
23:00 - Designing the look of the leaves.
25:07 - Using a gradient to design the summer look for the trees. (With brief tree-design on acid moment.)
26:27 - Pulling the color from ICE into the render tree.
28:15 - Fixing the trunk&branch color.
29:08 - Adjusting the growth of the leaves.
30:14 - Designing the fall look for the trees.
31:41 - Creating the transition from summer to fall.
36:35 - Examining the result.
37:40 - Playing with the wind and final thoughts.

The tutorial is also up on Vimeo.

Legacy Tutorials

As you can see below this post, I added a bunch of old tutorials to the site. These are from before version 1.0 was released and were meant for team-internal use. They are quite out of date in terms of a lot of functionality and naming conventions, however I think that some people might still get some use out of them. So disclaimer: Use these at your own risk and expect big differences between the tool shown in the video and the one you are using.