LK Lightning 2.5 Available & Now Free

Today I have a new version of LK Lightning for you.
The headlining feature for version 2.5 is Stages which allows you to create much more complicated behaviours by assigning different sets of controllers to particles based on which stage they are in.
With these stages also comes a new category of compounds. Triggers that allow you to move particles between them.
You can assign a new stage to strands that have been split off as well and thus give them a different set of rules. This is something that was requested many times by 2.0 users and is indeed super useful.

Additionally there are a bunch of other useful tools for particle effects in here that stem from an awesome job I got to do at Digital Golem:

LK Lightning is also free for everyone now.

With Softimage going EOL I just don't feel good charging people for an extension to a software that has been sentenced to death.
Freelancers and companies who've approached me wanting to buy LKL in the past couple of months have already received it free of charge and with the new version I'm making it available to everyone.

I hope that the community can put 2.5 to good use and hope to still see many awesome projects made with it and Softimage.

You can get LK Lightning 2.5 on the Downloads page.

Let me know on twitter @LeonardKoch_ if you make something cool with it.