New Tutorial: SwirlingSeven & LKL 2.0 Sneak Peek

In this tutorial I show you how to create the effect of a solid mesh transforming into organic strands using LK Lightning 2.0 

00:00 - Introduction
01:25 -  Setting up the grid generator.
05:18 - Creating the strands with LK Lightning.
06:28 - Setting up the emitter options.
09:03 - Making the strands break apart using the Proximity controller.
11:50 - Using a null to control where the strands break apart
14:00 - Animating the null.
17:13 - Meshing the strands using the LKL Mesher
20:38 - Using booleans to cut the curvature of the 7 into a copy of the mesh.
25:03 - A prayer to the gracious gods of the boolean.
25:23 - Using LK Skinner to skin the frozen and booleaned mesh to the dynamic mesh generated from the strands.
27:52 - Caching the final product.
29:56 - Taking a look at the final result and some thoughts on LK Lightning 2.0

This effect was requested on the Softimage mailing list because of a recent brand package for channel 4seven from the UK which you can watch here:

LK Lightning 2.0 will be available very soon. I hope you enjoy this tutorial and sneak peek.