New Plugin: LK Fabric

Hey everyone, today I have a new plugin for you. 

LK Fabric is an unsimulated tool-set made up of 50+ components, designed for the creation and animation of fabrics and cloths. 
Here is a video giving a tour of the basic functionality:

LK Fabric gives you control over the geometry of the cloth down to the fibres which make up the threads which then in turn make up the fabric.
It supports motionblur, strand-texturing directly in ICE, fabric flowing over multiple surfaces and many more things.

This tool has come out of a series of commercials for Nike, which I got to work on at Royale this summer.
They have graciously allowed me to share this tool-set with the community. Major thanks for that!

Big thanks also go to Billy Morrison, Ciaran Moloney, Steven Caron and Andy Moorer who provided pages and pages of feedback during production and then used the tools to create all the pretty images.
Andy did a nice write-up about the production on the Softimage-mailing-list: 

The two spots are available on Vimeo. 
Nike Tech Fleece
Nike Evolution

You can download LK Fabric in the Download section. 

If you find any bugs or have suggestions, feel free to shoot me an email to

I hope you guys check out the tool and that it helps you in production!