LK Lightning 1.5.0 now available!

Hi List!

So today the beta of the new version comes out... Which you can get here:

SI 2013
Si 2012 SAP

Below I put together a little video demonstrating some of the new features like Motionblur and the possibilities for Particles.

It's been a lot of work to make motionblur and all the other improvements work as well as they do now, but I'm very happy with how it has turned out.

It's just such an intuitive and fun way to work with particles and strands, it almost feels like you are sculpting with dynamics.

Now this is a beta so there might be minor bugs, but I employ you to play around with it and use it in Production.

If you need support you can contact me over email( or on Twitter.

You can upload scene-files or whatever you might need to send me on the support-page.

I hope you have fun with it and I'm very much looking forward to your feedback!


  • New Features
    • Motionblur
      With this you can now render LKL with motionblur in all renderers like MentalRay, Arnold and Vray and not just in 3delight.
    • Particle mode
      LK Lightning now also supports a pure particle mode, for effects where you want LKLs control and responsiveness but no strands.
      Particles are even faster than strands and there are some new nodes to support this additional aspect of LKL.
    • Local control over Split-Limits
      This allows you to control the number of times a particle can split and how many levels deep this can occur for every emitter individually.
    • Local control over the Animation Time
      This allows you to control the animation along the particle’s path for every emitter individually.
    • Stop after split functionality
      You can now make particles stop at a controllable time after they split. You can control this for every Splitter individually.
  • New Nodes
    • LKL Create Filler Particles
      This is a really fast node that gives you the option to turn the particles you used to control the look of the effect,
      into millions upon millions of particles for rendering.

    • LKL Control Animation Time
      This node gives you detailed control over the Animation Time of your particles and plugs into individual emitters.

    • LKL Split Combiner
      With this node you have the possibility of having your particles only split
      when the conditions of two or more Splitters are met.

    • LKL Stop Combiner
      With this node you have the possibility of having your particles only stop
      when the conditions of two or more Stoppers are met.

    • LKL Configure Strands for 3Delight
      This simple node sets all values required for rendering strands in 3Delight.

    • LKL Set Particle Attributes
      Just the simplest of nodes that allows you to set some particle attributes like, Shape or Color in a convenient way.