New Tutorial: LKF Blend Shapes

Prompted by Miran Kevic's question about how to morph an LKF strand-mesh between different shapes, I've made this new tutorial in which I demonstrate how to blend one surface with another and how to make the LK Fabric strands generated from it behave properly.

This technique is really neat for a number of commonly needed effects.
I hope you get some good use out of it.

You can download LK Fabric on the Downloads-page.

LK Fabric - Awesome Sample Scene by Andy Moorer

Andy Moorer who worked on the jobs for Nike with me and who gave me a ton of feedback for LK Fabric, has written a nice blog post detailing his workflow with LKF.


If you are getting into LKF, then this blog post and the sample scene he made are definitely something to check out as it will help you get the workflow right.

Andy has also written a neat little explanation of his workflow with and thoughts on the tool over at

Here is the blog post with the sample scene on Andy's site:
And here is the lively forum thread on 

You can download LK Fabric over on the Download page.

New Plugin: LK Fabric

Hey everyone, today I have a new plugin for you. 

LK Fabric is an unsimulated tool-set made up of 50+ components, designed for the creation and animation of fabrics and cloths. 
Here is a video giving a tour of the basic functionality:

LK Fabric gives you control over the geometry of the cloth down to the fibres which make up the threads which then in turn make up the fabric.
It supports motionblur, strand-texturing directly in ICE, fabric flowing over multiple surfaces and many more things.

This tool has come out of a series of commercials for Nike, which I got to work on at Royale this summer.
They have graciously allowed me to share this tool-set with the community. Major thanks for that!

Big thanks also go to Billy Morrison, Ciaran Moloney, Steven Caron and Andy Moorer who provided pages and pages of feedback during production and then used the tools to create all the pretty images.
Andy did a nice write-up about the production on the Softimage-mailing-list: 

The two spots are available on Vimeo. 
Nike Tech Fleece
Nike Evolution

You can download LK Fabric in the Download section. 

If you find any bugs or have suggestions, feel free to shoot me an email to

I hope you guys check out the tool and that it helps you in production!



LK Lightning Eye Candy

Hey guys, here are some recent works using LK Lightning.

First is Elysium, on which The Embassy used LK Lightning to create the Raygun effects.
Can't wait to see this one in the Theatre.

Next up is the Cinematic Trailer for Alien Rage. Janimation used LK Lightning to create some of the mech gun effects. Really cool cinematic. I particularly like the Galaxy they made using Mootzoid plugins.

Thank you so much for using LK Lightning on such cool productions guys!

LK Lightning 2.0 is out!

It has been a long time coming, but now version 2 is finally out.

The video walks through some of the Sample Scenes and should give you a good overview about LK Lightning 2.0's capabilities.

There are a ton of new features and improvements that will make new things possible and already possible tasks easier.

The video is also available on vimeo:

The change-log goes into more detail about new features and improvements.

If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to post a comment or send me an email at

Thank you for your continued interest!

New Tutorial: Growing a Forest

In this tutorial I show you how to grow a forest with LK Lightning 2.0.

00:00 - Introduction.
01:20 -  Creating and examining the nodes in the basic strand setup.
03:47 - Setting up the emitter options.
05:39 - Adding the branches aka setting Splitter properties.
08:15 - Changing the trunk thickness.
09:13 - Using thickness propagation for thinner and thinner branches. 
09:54 - Using Modulate Size over Length to make the branches thin out at the end.
11:27 - Adding more branches & Split Limits explanation.
16:35 - Examining the tree and adding a direction controller.
18:48 - Using the controller to make the trees sway in the wind.
20:00 - Adding the leaves.
23:00 - Designing the look of the leaves.
25:07 - Using a gradient to design the summer look for the trees. (With brief tree-design on acid moment.)
26:27 - Pulling the color from ICE into the render tree.
28:15 - Fixing the trunk&branch color.
29:08 - Adjusting the growth of the leaves.
30:14 - Designing the fall look for the trees.
31:41 - Creating the transition from summer to fall.
36:35 - Examining the result.
37:40 - Playing with the wind and final thoughts.

The tutorial is also up on Vimeo.

LK Lightning 2.0 will be available very soon. I hope you enjoy this tutorial.

New Tutorial: SwirlingSeven & LKL 2.0 Sneak Peek

In this tutorial I show you how to create the effect of a solid mesh transforming into organic strands using LK Lightning 2.0 

00:00 - Introduction
01:25 -  Setting up the grid generator.
05:18 - Creating the strands with LK Lightning.
06:28 - Setting up the emitter options.
09:03 - Making the strands break apart using the Proximity controller.
11:50 - Using a null to control where the strands break apart
14:00 - Animating the null.
17:13 - Meshing the strands using the LKL Mesher
20:38 - Using booleans to cut the curvature of the 7 into a copy of the mesh.
25:03 - A prayer to the gracious gods of the boolean.
25:23 - Using LK Skinner to skin the frozen and booleaned mesh to the dynamic mesh generated from the strands.
27:52 - Caching the final product.
29:56 - Taking a look at the final result and some thoughts on LK Lightning 2.0

This effect was requested on the Softimage mailing list because of a recent brand package for channel 4seven from the UK which you can watch here:

LK Lightning 2.0 will be available very soon. I hope you enjoy this tutorial and sneak peek.

LK Lightning 1.5.1 released

Hi guys,

today I have a new version of LK Lightning for you.
SI 2013
SI 2012 SAP
It has a few really minor bug fixes that address some corner-cases in which issues came up, but it is definitely worth the upgrade, you won’t regret it.

In other news, LKL is now in use for two webseries, a British television show and a feature film which makes me very happy.

Thanks for choosing this little thing I built as a daily tool guys, I feel very honored.